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HP Appsworld 2013 D

Big exhibition builds

Mini-coffee vans: Piaggio Ape50

Bulk coffee and tea bar C

Conferences and large meetings

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-Using our counter or yours.

-La Marzocco Linea PB 3 group coffee machine, the Goliath.

-30amp industrial power required.

-1000 - 8000 delegates.

-Indoors or outdoors, the big crowd puller.

-The most versatile solution, even running where there is no power supply available.

-Requires a practical working floor space of 3x2m and level access from the street.

-Serving up to 100 coffees per hour with two baristas.

-Available in black or white

-Self-serve filter coffee and tea bar.

-13amp, Super high output.

-Suitable for up to 400 guests needing to be served in a short time, such as during a tea and coffee break.

Coffee for exhibitions and press events

We offer a wide range of mobile coffee bars and coffee vans, from our single group La Marzocco GS3 ideal for small spaces (including 3x2m stands) to 'Whitney' our quirky 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape 50 mini-coffee van.


Any option can be branded with your logo, the choice between them is largely determined by the following factors:


1) What are your goals?

2) How many people are to be served and in what time frame?

3) How much room do we have to work with?

4) What type of power supply is available? (None, 13amp domestic or 30amp industrial)

Amazing coffee served anywhere

All our coffee equipment comes fully staffed with professional baristas to ensure our drinks taste and look amazing. Most of our team are from commercial backgrounds, so we are actively communicating your key messages while preparing the next latte or flat white.


You don't need to worry about water supply, as we bring our own specially filtered water to each event, ensuring our water has the optimal level of purity and carbonate hardness for great coffee.


We are also more than happy to provide our public liability, food safety and risk analysis documentation commonly requested by each venue.

Press event coffee - a sensory experience

Immerse your guests in an amazing sensory experience with our dreamy Dark hot chocolate, Soy latte or luxury tea selection.


-Using our counter or yours.

-Whole milk, Semi-skimmed and Soy milk options available.

-Suitable for up to 150 guests.

Exhibition stand A

Shell scheme exhibition stands

-Free standing mini-espresso bar and podium.

-Will fit on a 3x2m stand.

-La Marzocco GS3 1 group, one of the best coffee machines available.

-13amp can go anywhere power is available.

-Moderate output, <1000 delegates.

Exhibition stands

-Free stading mobile espresso bar.

-Fracino Bambino 2 group coffee machine, made in UK.

-13amp can go anywhere power is available.

-High output, <1500 delegates.

Exhibition stand C Exhibition stand D Whitney angle Exhibition stand B

Our coffee machines at exhibitions and press events

Branded 4oz coffee cup Click here for more information on coffee vans Piaggio Ape coffee vans SM